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Restaurant - ordering system

EBComz Online ordering system tailored specifically for the restaurant industry

Puts your paper menu online in a dynamic ordering engine that saves time, increases efficiency, and helps grow your business in an Internet connected world. Once installed, customers can place orders from the comfort of their home or office. Upon checkout, order confirmations are sent directly to your restaurant’s fax machine and/or email address for fulfillment.

After choosing a pricing plan, just mail or email us your menu and we’ll set everything up for you and activate merchant account of your choice. No hassles. No worries.

How does restaurant online ordering system work?

EBComz for restaurant offers a one-stop solution for converting your paper menu into an online food ordering engine. The software simplifies food ordering for residential consumers and corporate clients that place orders from your restaurant on a regular basis. The system will not only save your customers and employees precious time spent on the phone, but will also save your customers money while increasing sales if you elect to offer “cash back” rewards valid on future online purchases.


  • User-friendly navigation, menu list and cart all on 1 page
  • Pickup & Delivery Rules: Program a minimum order amount and define delivery charges as either a %, flat £ amount or 0.00. Set and enforce a maximum delivery distance based on zip code radius between storefront and customer.
  • Menu Options and Combinations: Seamlessly setup menu options with all sorts of complex combinations including tying extra options (e.g., toppings, sauces, meat) to entrée size in a variety of presentable formats.
  • Catering Menu: Program separate rules for entrees ordered from the Catering menu such as advanced notice required for preparing the order and separate delivery rules.
  • Tips: At your option, customers can be prompted to add a tip to their online order during the checkout process.
  • Accept coupons, discounts, and gift certificates
  • Run a customer rewards program! Our rewards module lets your customers build up credits (store value) on every order that can be redeemed on future online purchases virtually guaranteeing repeat business.
  • Best Sellers: Rank your hottest selling menu items for site visitors to review.
  • Corporate Accounts: Setup client/job codes and budget rules to help your corporate clients track food expenses more efficiently.
  • Security: The checkout process is completely secured for credit card ordering using the https protocol through payment gateway of your choice.
  • Data Export: Order data can be easily exported for analysis or for integrating with other accounting or PoS systems. CSV extensions supported.

We are committed to your online success. Hassle FREE! You can choose a pre-made ecommerce design or order a custom ecommerce webdesign for your shopping cart website. We'll setup, implement and fully integrated your EBComz restaurant online ordering system on our high speed bandwidth hosting.

We constantly adding new features and improving EBComz platform. As new versions of EBComz are released, the software becomes more powerful, efficient and secure. Request an upgrade new EBComz version and additional features for your ecommerce shopping cart can be done at anytime by opening a ticket to our Support Department.

Our price for professional online ordering system for restaurant starts from £99 per month plus £349 set up fee. 12 months minimum contract.

online ordering system for restaurant

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