Boost Your Ecommerce Sales With Google Pay Per Click Campaigns

Ecommerce Google Pay Per click

Do you own an ecommerce store and want to create greater publicity for your online products?

Are you looking at a cost-effective approach to boost your online sales and attract a targeted audience?

Google Pay per click or Google Adwords may be the perfect solution for marketing your online products to your customers. Over the years, many medium and large enterprises have been able to achieve some great results using paid online advertising methods for their business. Google Adwords can be an effective platform to share and communicate vital information about your company and products to people who might be eventually interested in buying your products.

Let’s look at how you can use this versatile advertising medium to give a boost to your online sales and increase revenue for your products.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising and how does it work?

Pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords allows companies to display their ads for the purpose of marketing their products using Google’s search engine. In this model, companies are required to pay a small fee to the search engines, where their ads may be displayed and clicked by the users. This allows them to gain targeted traffic for their website and in return search engines such as Google earn their revenues.

Google Adwords is one of the most popular Pay per click model that allows companies to bid on specific keywords and pay for every click that is generated on their advertisements. There are lots of factors that are critical to the success of pay per click advertising right from choosing the best keywords and organizing them into campaigns and ad groups as well as setting up PPC landing pages that can attract quality leads for your business.

With every search conduced by the online visitors, the search engine selects specific ads to be displayed in the ad space across the search engine results page. The advertisements may be ranked based upon the quality and relevance of their ad campaigns, size of keyword bids.

For example, if you are an advertiser, then you ad ranking may be arrived by multiplying both the CPC bid and the Quality Score, where the CPC bid stands for the highest amount of money that you want to spend. The quality score is actually a value that is based on the click through rate, quality of your landing page and relevance.

Google Pay Per Click Advertising for e-Commerce

Top Advantages of Using Pay Per Click Advertising for your business

1) Get access to quality leads and increased customers

According to some of the recent studies, almost 90% of the searches performed on Google are for different products and services. Google Adwords allows you to tap a huge customer base who might be searching for a variety of products, information and services using their powerful Google search engine. This means that this advertising medium has a huge potential and if used correctly can generate targeted leads for your business website.

With the power of Google Adwords, you can have access to only those potential customers who might be really keen on buying your products.

Get more qualified leads and more customers

2) Results in higher return on investment for marketers

You can generate higher returns on your investment by paying only for the ads that your online visitors click and spend wisely and economically on your ad campaigns. It’s important to optimize your Google Pay per click campaigns to get the best results and try the best approach that suits your specific business requirements.

The best way is to track and monitor your campaigns regularly to ensure better success in your marketing efforts.

higher return on investment

3) Gives faster results and better performance than other methods

You just require an effective landing page, attractive ad copy and ad bid to get your business listed on the top of the search engine results page with Google Adwords. With traditional SEO campaigns, you may have include titles, Meta description, headings and other HTML elements that can take long time to be implemented, before you start seeing results for your marketing campaign.

Here you can focus only on those areas of the campaign, which are more profitable and can yield positive results to minimize your advertising costs.

Gogole adwords PPC faster results

4) Quick and easy to understand for business owners

The Google Adwords platform is quite user friendly and provides you access with results and reports of your campaign that is pretty simple and straightforward to understand. You can check out the dashboard to get information quickly on the progress of your Pay per click campaign by choosing various options including- cost of clicks, keywords searched by visitors, no. of ads clicked etc. It’s faster and easier to navigate and know the system which makes it easy and suitable for all types of online businesses to operate.

PPC adwords performance report

5) Get higher traffic for your website

As a popular search engine, millions of users search for relevant information by clicking on Google ads daily which can send a high volume of traffic to your business. The best part is Google displays only the most relevant ads and content that may be related to the user’s search. This can give a competitive edge to your business as you might be able to tap the huge customer base using Google Adwords for marketing your online products.

You can expect to get more number of quality leads to your ecommerce store, company website or opt-in form using Pay per click advertising.

Get higher website traffic

6) Allows in targeting specific audience

The Pay per click online advertising is versatile in the sense that it can work on different kinds of marketing platforms and to suit different software systems. It’s possible for all types of organization to use this platform for advertising and targeting their niche audience. For example, you can target customers based on a specific location, customers that use different kinds of devices such as mobiles etc. You can even set the budget limit and the amount that you are willing to spend for clicks on specific keywords.

PPC: targeting specific audience

Top Strategies To Use With Google Adwords For Your Pay Per Click Campaign Success

1) Set smart and clear marketing goals

It’s important as a PPC advertiser for you to get involved in the process of researching and analyzing your market and customer demographics thoroughly. Before putting in huge amounts of money, you need to have a definite goal or a purpose that you need to achieve with your pay per click campaign. For example, you want to push your sales revenue or create more awareness of your brand in the market.

Depending on the outcome that you want to achieve, choose the best keywords and create a compelling ad copy and landing page that can convert your leads into potential customers.

Set PPC advertising goals

2) Be aware what your customer wants

If you want to boost the sales of your ecommerce store, it’s vital that you are aware of the different needs of your customers and provide them with an enjoyable shopping experience. At the same time, you can utilize your Adwords campaign far more effectively by knowing how and what customers expect in a typical online shopping store.

For example, there are many stages in the customer buying cycle and your display ad must be able to answer all their questions satisfactorily by increasing their awareness about your product and also create interest in making a final purchase.

Know your customer's needs

3) Choose remarketing to target your customers

Remarketing can be an effective marketing tool to get back your potential leads back to your site and convince them to purchase your products by creating an interest in them. PPC advertisers can find this to be useful as a great strategy for their website conversion rate optimization and boost their sales. It’s quite common that most online visitors might not make purchase immediately after visiting your website.

By displaying your ads several more times to the online visitors, you can induce them back to your site and there are high chances that this time they might actually buy your products. This is because most of these visitors have previously visited your site and shown interest in your ad.

PPC remarketing

4) Optimize your landing page

If you are using Google Adwords as part of your advertising campaign, it pays to do a split test for your landing page. This is because your landing page has the ability to boost your website conversion rates, if it’s captivating for your visitors. Besides, your ad copy can determine your ad click through rate which is important for generating quality leads for your business. Overall, the design of your landing page plays a crucial role in deciding whether your pay per click marketing can give you positive results.

Optimize your landing page

5) Combine ad copy with your landing pages

To make the most of your Google Ads as an advertiser you need to combine your landing page with your ad copy effectively to get the highest click through rates. This can boost your quality score which is used by Google to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your PPC ad campaigns. If your ad copy is powerful and relevant, you have a greater chance of increasing your quality score. This will in turn bring down your advertising costs along with better ranking and positioning for your ads across the search engine and networks.

Ad copy for landing pages

6) Increase your ad click through rate

The more number of people who click through your ads and view your website, the greater the possibility of converting them into potential customers. Thus, your main focus must be on improving your click through rate than having different kinds of ads to get better results from your PPC campaign. Create more compelling and relevant ads that can encourage your target audience to click on your ads.

You also need to understand the vital difference between the search network on the Google platform and the display networks as the click through rates varies on each of them. Often, changing your ad copy, headline or its placement can give your improved results with your click through rates.

PPC click through rate

7) Check your Google ad positioning

It’s best to choose keywords that have are closely related to your brand and have a commercial significance that users can relate directly and allows you to target your audience at the same time. This can help in boosting your ad placement and get a better position so that your ad gets the maximum clicks. Besides, it’s possible to set up ad campaigns for brand keywords that have high search volumes by the users.

You may also have to test to know which is the right position for your ads and also find the right combination of keyword match types that can help in boosting the performance of your PPC campaign.

eCommerce google adwords PPC ranking position

8) Organize and group your keywords

For your Google Adwords campaign, it pays to group your keywords as they can result in better conversions, high quality scores and low cost per action. This means that you need to have keywords in the ad group that are linked to each other and are relevant. Make sure that your landing page, different ads and the keywords align with each other. It’s good to have ad groups that are small and concentrate on a specific product to get more relevant keywords. You may also have to test several variations in the ad before finalizing the one that can give you the best results.

ppc keyword and campaign structure


Google Adwords or Pay per click advertising model can be an effective marketing approach for online marketers who want to build their online visibility and create brand awareness for their products. It may be one of the best approaches to get targeted traffic for your online store and boost your revenues. If you don’t get success with other traditional methods of marketing, Google Adwords can help in generating quality leads for your business.

However, there are many factors that need to taken into account before you attain the best results for any PPC campaign, especially a powerful landing page and an effective ad copy that can boost your conversion rates.

Have your ever used Google Adwords as part of your marketing campaign and how was your experience? Share your comments below.

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