Inbound Marketing

The best marketing techniques to attract targeted customers to your website and boost your conversion rates

In this digital age, inbound marketing is one of the most proven marketing techniques that has been successfully used by online enterprises to provide better exposure to their brand. This methodology is one of the most effective ways to generate online sales, nurture leads and turn them into prospects.

The traditional method of outbound marketing involving buying of email lists or ads is no longer productive in yielding the best results for online business. Instead, the focus has turned towards attracting buyers using quality and relevant content that is highly relevant and focused on satisfying their specific needs.

Let’s look at the steps that are involved in this process and how you can effectively integrate inbound marketing to boost sales and revenue for your business.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is all about attracting qualified leads who might be interested in buying your products or services. Unlike traditional form of advertising, it is not intrusive and does not force people by trying to gain all the attention using persuasive tactics.

Inbound marketing is focused on delivering essential information which the prospects might be searching and assisting them in making a smart purchase decision.

There are many techniques that may be combined in inbound marketing to attract sales prospects using website optimization, email marketing, content creation, SEO and even social media marketing. The goal of using inbound marketing is to make your customers happy and provide answers to their queries or educate them about a specific topic that they might be curious to get more information.

In simple terms, inbound marketing serves to capture the attention of your target audience through content creation even before your prospects are ready to convert. It is one of the most economical and cost effective methods to convert strangers into your potential customers with clever advertising of your products. By having an appealing content, you are able to increase the chances of delight your customers and keep them coming back to you for future purchases.

The Inbound Marketing Methodology

Attract More Prospects, Traffic Generation


In this phase, you need to target people who may be complete strangers to your brand. Your main focus will be to on building brand awareness, reaching new and wider target audience and to attract greater traffic to your website. And it’s important to get quality traffic i.e people who are most likely to become your leads and turn into satisfied customers. Now how do you find out people are eligible to become your customers and are the best fit for your products?

The best way is to target buyer personas which is basically the ideal customer profile that you wish to have. Buyer personas mainly comprise of the goals, challenges, ideals, pain points, demographic information within a particular customer category. In short, you build your business around your buyer personas. You can use some of these tools to attract your target audience such as:


Blogging can be a powerful medium to get your brand noticed and attracting new visitors to your website. By sharing relevant and valuable information for your website visitors and answering their questions, you can be found by the right target audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most visitors begin their search online by finding information using search engines which can be related to buying products or services as well. This means your website needs to feature prominently in the search engine results to be accessible to your potential customers. For this purpose, choose the right keywords, optimize the content and create links around products that are most often searched by your buyers.


Web pages can create a lasting impression on the minds of your website visitors and if you have an ecommerce website, it’s crucial to have an attractive storefront that is likely to catch their attention. If your website offers a wealth of information to the people, they are much likely to return back to your website and more often.

Social Media Publishing

By sharing valuable and relevant information across social media channels, you can attract the right type of audience. You can create better engagement with your online visitors and build more brand awareness for your products or services. It’s also a good way to find out the most appropriate channels to target your online visitors.

Convert More Leads


The next step is to convert your website visitors into leads by getting their contact information which can be in the form of email address in the most basic form. But it’s not easy to acquire contact information from your visitors, unless you offer them something valuable in exchange. Here are some of the interesting incentives that you could offer to your prospects:


Forms are the most valuable source of contact information as they help in converting your visitors into leads. Once they submit the form, it becomes easy to capture the personal information for any future use or correspondence with them.

Calls to Action

Call to action are buttons or links that drives your visitors to take a specific action such as downloading a white paper or an e-book. They are essential for generating quality leads for your business.


Landing Page Design & Optimization

It’s important that your visitors are directed to your landing page once they click on your Call to Action. This is because your offer is accessible on your landing page where the visitors submits his personal information that opens up opportunities for further conversation with your sales team.

Close More Customers


After you have got the right leads from the previous steps, now it’s important to focus on those leads who have not yet shown readiness in purchasing your products. The goal in this phase is to target such leads by guiding them further into the process of sales with relevant content. You may have to use the right marketing tools in this phase to convert your prospects.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A Customer Relationship Management system allows you to store all the essential details of your contacts in a centralized location to help you correspond with them in the future. It’s the key to ensuring that you have all the right information available at the right time to engage your prospects using different channels.

Email Marketing

If your customer has already submitted the form on your landing page and downloaded your e-book, but isn’t still ready to make a purchase? Well, in that case you could send highly targeted emails with relevant content that can help in building trust in the prospect and become your buyers.

Closed Loop Reporting

You need to analyze if your marketing and sales team are effectively collaborating with each other. The best way is to integrate your CRM system to find out if your marketing team is able to attract the right leads and your sales team has been able to convert them into customers.

Marketing Automation

By creating a series of emails focused towards your lead nurturing campaign, you can follow up with your prospects. For example, If a website visitor downloaded an e-book on a specific topic, you might want to follow up by sending emails to your prospects. On the other hand, if your visitor checked your web page using Facebook or Twitter, you can use a different message to target their specific interests.


In this stage, your prospect turns into your customer so you need to keep them happy and satisfied. It’s important to build positive relationship with your customers and encourage them to provide you repeat business or recommendations to get new customers through reviews or their feedback about your products or services.

You can use some of the following tools in this stage to engage and delight your customers:


By using feedback forms or surveys, you can gather information from your customers about their needs and expectations.

Smart Content

You can share valuable and smart content with your customers specifically targeted at their interests. In this way you can help them achieve their unique goals and challenges or introduce new products that have specific features that they might be of their interest.

Smart Calls-to-Action

Use specific calls to action statement to target the interest of your customers depending on their buyer persona.

Social Monitoring

You need to monitor social media activities and different channels to find out what other people are discussing about your brand. Especially, it may be important to track conversations by your customers, their opinions and feedback about your products.

Will Inbound marketing work for my business?

There are many factors that you need to consider to find out if inbound marketing can deliver the best results for your business:

Your customers have lot of queries

If you have been receiving enquiries from your prospects repeatedly, then it’s a sure sign that inbound marketing is the right approach for marketing your products and services. It’s quite likely that your buyers want to seek more information before purchasing your products and you can satisfy this need by providing appropriate and relevant content to them. Based on your buyer’s journey and their persona, it may be a good idea to share the correct information with your leads to guide them towards the actual sales.

You can build a solid rapport with your customers and create more loyalty and trust in your brand through inbound marketing methods.

You want to be noticed as a thought leader

Inbound marketing is focused on providing relevant and valuable content that can be useful for your target audience. With your inbound marketing efforts, your primary aim will be on content creation that can help in educating your prospects and enable them to make informed decisions. By providing content in different forms through e-books, whitepaper, blog posts, case studies etc, you can become more influential and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Informing and educating your prospects is an excellent way for building a loyal list of followers for your products or services.

You are not getting measurable results

If have been spending large amounts of your money on advertising, then it’s a drain on your resources and you aren’t adding getting any ROI. Inbound marketing on the other hand can provide measurable results for your business and allows you to track your performance.

With inbound marketing, you can calculate your customer acquisition costs, conversion rates, lifetime value of customers etc. and find out if your current marketing strategies are yielding the right results or not.

Your traditional marketing methods are not working

If you are still relying on traditional methods of advertising and unable to get positive results, then inbound marketing is the way to go. Especially in the digital age when most people are accessing information about products and services online; you need to tap the right channels to boost your presence via social media or online marketing channels.

You need to able to deliver the right information at the right place and at the right time. This is what precisely inbound marketing aims to achieve by providing targeted content that meets the needs of your customers.

How OneNetDesign helps you with Inbound Marketing?

Successful Inbound Marketing programs start with a solid foundation. We will take your inbound marketing performance to the next level.

Develop Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Creating an inbound marketing strategy and transformation plan. We’ll review your current use of digital media and technology, create a vision, define objectives and create KPIs to track performance.

Increase Website Presence & Attract More Visitors

Building awareness of a brand and its service/product. Planing and executing the best mix of media to build traffic by driving visits to your website or social media pages.

Convert Targeted Website Visitors into Leads

Devising the best customer journeys and content marketing to persuade visitors to become leads or prospects when they initially reach your website or social network presence.

Convert Qualified Leads into Paying Customers

Get your audience to take that vital next step which turns them into paying customers whether the payment is taken through online Ecommerce or offline channels.

Engage & Improve Customer Experience

Develop customer retention plans using communications on your site, social presence, email and direct interactions to boost customer lifetime value. Improving customer experience and encouraging buyers to recommend you to others.

We help you to structure, manage and improve results of your inbound marketing program by defining priorities you should focus on. Each part of your inbound marketing strategy covers five essential digital marketing techniques that aim to increase your ROI.

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