Search Engine Optimization: Optimize Your Website With These Quick and Simple Basic SEO Techniques

search engine optimization guide for the beginner

Have you just launched your online business and need some great ideas to boost traffic to your website?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be a valuable tool to attract targeted visitors to your website and provide better visibility to your online branding efforts. If you have just started experimenting in SEO, then it may be worthwhile to get some good insight about how it works and understand the benefits that it offers to your marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation is a marketing tactic that can enhance your website rankings on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and it helps your business to be found by online visitors easily. There are many factors used by search engines such as Google for ranking your websites and it’s important to keep them in mind to ensure that you obtain the best results for your SEO campaign.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

In simple terms, Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic results on the search engines with the aim of converting online visitors into potential customers. Search engines are the primary source for bringing organic traffic and searching for most Internet users. Thus, if your website is focused on sharing information, providing products and services or any useful content, search engines display the relevant information to online visitors based on their search queries.

Hence, it’s important to make your website search engine friendly to get better rankings and improve your online presence that can help in selling your products or services to targeted customers. SEO can be valuable for every organization that needs to build its revenue or boost publicity for its products. Investing in SEO can bring some of the most incredible business opportunities that you may otherwise miss out for providing exposure to your brand.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Must Use SEO for Your Business

Why Your Must Use SEO for Your Business

1) Get higher website rankings

If your website is featured among the top of the search engine results page, then there is a greater possibility of getting more number of clicks and impressions that can convert into possible leads for your business. This also means more volume of traffic for your website which is good news if you own an ecommerce website that focuses on selling products to targeted visitors. The focus of SEO is to create informative and keyword relevant title tags along with Meta descriptions to ensure that your website is displayed at the top of the search results.

2) Make your site more accessible to the users

SEO helps in boosting your website’s navigation capabilities to make it more easy and simple for the users to find relevant information quickly. The process of SEO involves re-arranging the site architecture, updating pages along with the links to make it more efficient. This makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website to feature among the top results so that users can find the information needed through your website.

3) Helps to build brand awareness for your products

SEO results in higher rankings for your website that helps in providing a wider reach to your target audience and provides fantastic brand exposure to your products. You can inform, educate and share valuable information about your business with your potential customers. By using targeted and high ranking keywords, you have a greater possibility of being found by customers who might be interested in buying your products.

Brands that are on top of the results page are perceived to more reliable which can boost your customer’s trust and loyalty in your company’s offerings.

4) Economical and cost-effective method of advertising

Many marketers find SEO to be more productive and cost effective approach for marketing their products and services. Unlike paid search campaigns, they are less expensive and can be an effective inbound marketing strategy that can provide positive results for your business. Besides, the main advantage of using SEO is that it targets those users who might be genuinely interested in your company’s products. This means you have more chance of getting quality leads for your business.

5) Provides measurable results for your campaign

Whether you are an ecommerce owner or an online company, it’s possible to track and measure the success of your SEO campaign easily by tracking conversions, traffic and website rankings. It also allows you to check analytics information by digging deeper into the data and offers demographic data and metrics related to user engagement with your website. For example, Ecommerce sites can decide on their sales strategies to ensure the process of closing the sale by tracking the keyword that was used by users in searching for your products

The Process of SEO Explained For Beginners

There are different steps involved in the process of SEO that need to be understood to know what efforts are required to make it a successful campaign for your business.

SEO process for beginners

1) Focus on good keyword research

This is the most critical component in the process and requires thoughtful judging of the keywords that you need to use in your SEO campaign to make it effective and generate potential business leads. Keyword research can make a huge difference between the success and failure of your website as it can affect your rankings and the type of visitors that you attract to your website.

Identifying the right keywords that are relevant to your business and have high search volume with low competition can result in better conversion rates by boosting your website’s traffic volume. Similarly, long tail keywords can also give you good results with your SEO efforts. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is also an incredible tool that helps in effective SEO keyword research.

2) Reporting and Setting goals for your campaign

The next step involves doing a competitive research using different metrics to analyze your company’s starting position and help in identifying areas that need higher priority before setting the goals for the campaign. At this stage, the site traffic information and statistics also play a key role in finding out how your visitors are interacting and accessing your website. The SEO goals are then set which are aligned to your company’s business goals which is tracked to measure its progress and findings are reported.

3) Creating high quality content to target visitors

Search engines are fond of high quality content that is relevant and provides more value to your user. Make sure your landing pages are well-optimized with targeted keywords to attract your website visitors. It’s always important to have solid and engaging content that can deliver your potential customers with the information that is valuable and useful to them.

Page title, text based navigation system, targeted keyword phrases, ALT and META data along with site map are all vital elements of optimizing your website.

4) Organizing web pages and internal linking

It’s important to organize your web pages and create interlinks between your pages to determine how different content on your website is ranked based on the searches performed by the user. Search engines lay lot of emphasis on some of the key factors such as the quality and relevance of your page and how well it can be trusted. Most of the Google’s algorithm is based on links and thus it makes sense to have high quality links that can be vital in driving targeted traffic to your website.

5) Promotion using social media channels

Social media presence can boost your company’s branding efforts and provide a huge boost to your SEO campaign in providing greater exposure to your brand with access to a wider target audience. In this phase, it’s necessary to lay more emphasis on building your social media profiles across different channels to effectively communicate your marketing message to the online visitors. Thus, sharing relevant and valuable content in an engaging way can help in connecting with your target customers.

6) Follow up of the campaign

The campaign needs to be tested at regular intervals for its effectiveness and after the optimization to ensure everything is working fine and providing the right results as expected. You can compare the site rankings, traffic levels, social signals and other vital metrics with the post optimization levels.

The Value Of Choosing The Right Keywords And Its Effect On Your Rankings

Keywords play a significant role in determining traffic levels for your website and attracting the right kind of visitors to generate more sales and higher ROI. They need to be used carefully as it affects your business prospects directly and by taking a wrong decision, you could actually ruin the chances of reaching out to your valuable customers. To determine whether your keywords are effective and valuable in bringing website traffic or not, you need to assess some of the key factors given below:

choose the right keywords

1) Relevance

Is your keyword relevant and related to the content published on your website? It’s important that your users are able to locate your website and find your products and services using the specific keywords. Besides, it must be able to satisfy their requirements and provide an effective solution to the information that they are searching through your website. This can ensure better financial rewards with increased traffic and sales for your products and services.

2) Search for the keyword terms on search engines

It’s necessary to have information about which websites have already been using your keywords and their rankings to determine your competition. This will help you to assess how difficult it might be to achieve top rankings among other competitors. If there are many search ads along the top and placed at the right of the organic search results, it may essentially mean that the specific keyword is a high volume keyword with more competition.

3) Use Google Adwords campaign for more traffic

If you find that your website is not able to rank for specific keywords, then it might be a good idea to buy sample test traffic from Google Adwords for higher conversions. The “Exact match” option in Google Adwords helps in diverting traffic to the relevant page on your website and allows you to track impressions and conversion rates.

The process of SEO involves continuous testing, experimenting with methods and focusing on constant improvement to get the best results for your campaign. Thus, you will have to try out several times until you succeed in getting the best combination of keywords that can give targeted results for your website. There are many SEO tools that can be used for this purpose that can provide you proven and measurable results for keyword research.

Measuring and tracking the Results of SEO Campaign

It’s necessary to locate the source of your traffic to know if they are performing and contributing to the success of your organization. These sources include direct sources of navigation such as emails without tracking codes, bookmarks. Next, determine your search traffic which are the queries that send traffic to your website from across search engines. Find out about the referral traffic coming from promotional campaigns, links across the web and emails that are traceable.

Getting the exact figures and in terms of percentage and numbers can help you to identify areas that need improvement to boost your SEO efforts.

search engine optimisation measuring report
Conversion rate is a vital metric that can provide valuable inputs about your website’s performance. By tracking your conversion rate, you can find out the search terms that have been able to attract targeted visitors for your website to result in better conversions for your website. You can also boost your landing page performance using keyword phrase referrals.

There are other metrics such as keyword rank, domain authority, number and quality of referring sites and number of pages receiving search engine traffic for measuring and tracking your SEO campaign which are used by many companies.


Search engine optimization is a cost effective approach for marketing your products and service online and if used correctly, can give the best results for your campaign. It requires consistent efforts with focus on good keyword research and targeted content to drive quality visitors to your website. At the same time, measuring and tracking your SEO campaign is an essential step to improve your sales revenue and achieve business growth.

Do you think SEO can be useful tool for marketing your business? Have you used it before? Share your comments below.

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