Top 10 CRO Hacks That Can Boost Your Conversion Rates

Boost Conversion Rate Optimization

Do you want to improve your ROI and increase the chances of converting your potential leads into your customers?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is critical to the success of any inbound marketing efforts as it is a cost effective approach focused on converting a higher percentage of your visitors into your customers. It’s just not enough to attract online visitors to your website, but getting the right kind of customers who are much likely to buy your products is more important. As a structured approach, CRO focuses on improving the performance of your website using feedback and analytics to increase your chances of website conversions.

Here we look at some of the most effective ways in which CRO can be utilized to convert visitors into sales opportunities for your inbound marketing campaign.

1.Get accustomed to using heatmaps

Heatmaps can be great tools for providing valuable insights into the behaviour of your online visitors and they are a must have for tracking real time data. You can discover how your visitors are using your website and get to know their experiences through heatmap softwares. Based on the click activities of your visitors, you can find out about the different elements of page design that are attracting them and driving them to take a suitable action.

Here are a few things that you need to pay attention for delivering the best experience to your visitors while surfing on your website:


– Content which is important to visitors stays at the top

If you have done a heatmap test, then probably you might be able to figure out areas of your website which is visited more often by your online visitors.

Majority of the research studies have determined that most users tend to spend almost 80% of their viewing time on content that is above the fold and it sharply declines as they scroll down below the fold. This means you need to insert the most vital information about your business at the top of the page to engage your online visitors. Again, the visitors’ attention increases as they hit the bottom of the page so this could be a good opportunity to include your CTA to boost your conversions.

– Redesign your home page for better conversions

Your heatmap results may reveal that the key areas where you are focusing the most may not be of much interest to your target audience. This essentially means that you might have to work on your homepage design, especially if you have banners and automatic carousels that may distract your viewers. In fact, they may affect your conversion rates so you can test your homepage by refining and adding some other element to capture the imagination of your audience.

2. Use effective CTA buttons for better performance

It’s a good idea to use CTA buttons that have the maximum ability to convert so make sure to choose them carefully to make the desired impact on your online visitors. CTA buttons can vary in style and size based on your conversion goals and the style of your website. They need to be action oriented and contain specific text that can induce a desired action from the user.

The color of your CTA buttons can make lot of difference to your conversion rates as green and orange are known to give the best results. However, contrasting colors are known to perform better as they tend to stand out and gain more attention from the online visitors. And if you aren’t sure which colors make a good choice, then test it and experiment to see the results for yourself. Ideally, you could get 25% more conversion rates by using complimentary colors on the primary palette of the color wheel.

The text on your button needs to be legible and big, but not large enough to distract attention away from it. Also, you can try some fancy options for your CTA button and include an arrow or graphics that can help in having a positive effect on your conversion rates.

call to action cta button

3. Make an in-depth study of your website traffic data

Check your website traffic data to gain insight on the performance of your website by using analytics tools such as Google Analytics. You can gather valuable information about how your visitors are using your website, which is critical with the increasing use of cross device activities. Hence user targeting and tracking is important to improve low conversions on your landing pages. Thus, if more number of your online visitors are using mobile devices to visit your website, you can change your CRO strategy to target this category of users.

Recognize web pages in your conversion funnel that may have a high exit rate to fix certain issues to boost your conversion rates. Generally, a high exit rate may mean that the users are able to access your page, but dropping off in the middle and leaving the page. This may suggest of issues related to broken links or lack of better user experience.

Google analytics website traffic

4. A/B test your landing pages

If your landing pages have a high bounce rate, then it could mean that it is unable to attract your website visitors with relevant and useful content. It could also point out about possible flaws in your webpage design or a poor copy that is not able to engage your right target audience. Optimize your web pages first and check your headlines on the landing pages to see if they are able to captivate your audience.

If you have a PPC landing page, then it makes more sense to test the headlines as you are spending money to get traffic for your website. A better way is to test several options for headlines on your landing page and find out which is the most effective that can provide better exposure to your website. Choose headlines that are more focused on providing benefits to your website visitors.

Descriptive headlines can also provide you better results with your inbound marketing efforts. Most marketers engage their visitors using an emotionally appealing headline that often involves a feeling associated with the buyers when they purchase new products.

ab split testing landing page

5. Test your website using real time surveys

The best way to make improvements on your website is by getting feedback from your website visitors themselves. Real time surveys can be great tools for getting responses from your visitors, when they are viewing your website. You can gain both qualitative and quantitative feedback through your visitors which is more reliable for boosting user experience. Optimize your surveys by using triggers that help in tracking certain actions or behaviours of your online visitors.

For example, you can choose to display your survey to online visitors if they abandon your shopping cart without completing the purchase. This can help you to figure out what prompted them to leave the website and make further improvements. Make sure to optimize landing pages that your website visitors were able to reach using search ads.

website feedback online survey

6. Use new design trends to attract visitors

It’s important that your website is able to leave a positive impression on the minds of the visitors which means that you need to provide them with the best user experience. Make sure to incorporate the best design elements using the latest trends that meets the expectations of your online visitors. Based on the recent Google algorithm updates, websites that used responsive web design got a boost in their traffic from search engines.

Review your website and think from the perspective of your users to find out what attracts them the most about your website. For example, flat design illustrations may be a better choice as compared to using stock images on your website. Scroll pages that are longer may be better than having multiple pages. It’s not essential that the design trends that are more in vogue can bring more traffic for your website. You need to find out how these different design styles can be used effectively to align with your website optimization strategy.

A/B test your website to find out which version is able to create the maximum impact on your website visitors and boost your conversion rates.

website design trend

7. Come up with compelling subject lines for your emails

Subject lines can make a huge difference to your email marketing efforts and boost your conversion rates. You need to be extremely careful while choosing different subject lines to make it more attractive to your online visitors. If you have a captivating subject line, then your users are much likely to open your email and read the rest of the contents. This means the subject line is critical in engaging your visitors and driving targeted traffic to your website.

Test your subject lines and see if you can personalize them to communicate your message effectively to your website visitors. You can also use emojis in your subject lines to get a higher open rate for your emails, which may not be true for every brand. But it pays to be more creative with your subject line to get maximum exposure from your online visitors.

compelling email subject line

8. Embrace video marketing for better success

It may be a good idea to incorporate videos into your website that can convey your marketing message directly to your online visitors. Video marketing is the best tool to educate your visitors by sharing valuable information about your products and services. They are also visually appealing and interactive that can help in engaging your website visitors in the sales funnel. There are a wide range of videos that can be used such as demos, how to videos, product based videos, testimonials etc. that can help in explaining the different benefits to your potential customers.

They can also be used across social media channels to provide more exposure to your brand and boost your conversion rates. By including a clear CTA in your videos, you can induce your visitors to take a desired action and engage them into your sales process.

video marketing

9. Track your conversions

Your conversion optimization strategy needs to measure both your micro and macro conversions to give you the best results. Micro conversions matter to your business as most of your visitors who come to your site may not be ready to purchase your products. By providing them with small initial offers, you can induce them to achieve your higher business goals in the process. For example,  you can offer them free e-book downloads or a product demo which can result in a micro conversion. This in turn can help you to provide more convincing offers in the future which may help you to sell your products to your website visitors.

Every micro conversion provides you with a valuable opportunity to convert your visitors into possible customers.


10. Use a new lead nurturing approach

You can try to review your lead nurturing strategy if you haven’t tested that for a while to get better results with your conversion rates. Based on your experience in inbound marketing, you might be able to dig deeper and get valuable customer insights by asking them questions that define your buyer’s journey. They have different views and queries at different stages which can be addressed more effectively by crafting a new lead nurturing technique that you haven’t used before.

For example, you can increase the number of emails that you send to your website visitors as part of your new lead nurturing tactic.

new lead nurturing


The secret to the success of any inbound marketing efforts is to use the right CRO techniques that can deliver positive results to your business. There is no use if you have a fancy website with attractive content if you are not able to convert them into better business opportunities. If you want your business to take off and make profits, you need to consider CRO seriously and integrate it effectively with your primary business goals.

Do you know of any other interesting CRO hacks that you have used for your business? Share your views and comm

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