Top 10 Rules That You Need To Follow for Success In Marketing Automation

10 Simple Rules To Remember To Get Best Results In Marketing Automation

Do you want to generate quality leads for your business and boost your website conversion rates?

Most of the companies have marketing departments that are now increasingly relying on marketing automation which is a software that helps in automating repetitive activities related to marketing. This may include sending emails to multiple customers, managing social media channels and website actions. Marketing automation can generate significant revenue for your company, if it is used in the right manner to nurture leads with engaging and highly relevant content.

Unfortunately, many marketing companies are losing focus and not making the best use of this valuable tool in attracting and targeting their niche customers. There are many issues and challenges related to marketing automation, which we’ve shared below. We have outlined some of the best solutions as to how you can make the most of this incredible approach to boost your revenue and achieve substantial business growth by following some of the best practices.

Marketing Automation Misunderstood Concept

Marketing Automation Misunderstood Concept

Despite marketing automation having gained huge popularity over the last few years, there are some interesting facts that indicate that this medium has not been utilized by companies to realize their best business potential.

Here are some of the key issues that need to be addressed with regards to marketing automation:

1) Fails to leverage other channels

Marketing automation does not integrate other channels effectively which are accessed more regularly by your customers. Most of the buyers today are influenced by social media networks and search engines while making their purchase decisions.

Gone are the days, when your leads used only emails to gather relevant information as statistics indicate a higher percentage of B2B buyers posting questions across social media sites to seek alternatives or suggestions for products.

This means marketing automation has very little influence on people who may be searching for information pertaining to different products or services.

2) Does not increase your list of email subscribers

According to some of the studies, B2B marketing companies are able to retain only 75% of their members after a year of using email marketing lists. Each year the marketing lists expires at the rate of 25% and any email automation tool that relies solely on this method may not be able to attain much success for their campaign.

Most marketers still rely on using generalized e-mail to their huge list of contacts which in unable to achieve the goals of their marketing campaign. Today, email marketing campaigns require every recipient to get a different message based on their area of interest and not a generalized email for better clickthrough rates.

3) Ignores the interest of the customers

There has been a fundamental shift in the buying process today as consumers prefer to do their own research and have more control in deciding the fate of the products sold by different companies. It’s very important that marketers are able to assist the customers in making the best choice by providing them as much as information as required.

Marketing automation does not take into account the interactions that your leads have using social media channels, websites or blogs, which can help in learning a lot about their behavior, interests and different challenges.

The data generated through these conversations from customers or responses is extremely important in framing your future marketing strategies. By failing to realize this vital need and expectations of the customers, companies are unable to attract leads and convert them into prospects.

4) Lack of focus on content

Content is the backbone for the success of any marketing effort and if you do not share informative and relevant content with your customers, you are simply wasting your time and efforts on your campaign. Most of the marketing automation programs do not offer value to their readers and are not engaging enough to convert them into their leads. A smart, well tailored content which is useful has to be the central focus for the success of your marketing campaign.

Most of the email campaigns that send automated mails are not targeted specifically towards the right target audience. There is no scope for lead nurturing by sending automated mails that may not have any purpose to your readers.

10 Simple Rules To Remember To Get Best Results In Marketing Automation

10 Simple Rules To Remember To Get Best Results In Marketing Automation

1) Focus on lead nurturing

Lead nurturing should be the primary focus of any marketing campaign to ensure that your message is conveyed directly to your target audience. Create a lead nurturing program that aims to educate and inform your readers by sharing useful and relevant content. Make sure you do not pitch your products directly to your email subscribers as it might defeat the purpose of your marketing campaign.

It’s important for subscribers to keep you on the top of their mind and by publishing quality content such as newsletters allows you to stay connected with them. You need to bear in mind that useful and helpful content can help in engaging your readers than using sales pitches.

2) Leverage your content marketing channels

It may be a good idea to use triggered emails that are timely and more relevant to your target audience that has the chances to improve your open rates and result in higher click through rates. You can trigger emails using website activities, personal profile data, events interaction etc and if your target audience has a high level of interest in your offerings, they are likely to visit your website to make a purchase.

Marketing automation can only be successful if your content is focused on your website visitors. You need to be able to provide the right type of content that evokes the curiosity of your potential customers and for this purpose its necessary to find out what your audience likes the most.

3) Attract leads with custom landing pages

Instead of just using targeted ads and direct mails for your campaign, it might be useful to create customized landing pages that are well designed with compelling content. Make sure to optimize your content so that it makes easier for your prospects to find your website. It’s also important that your website is user friendly, easy to navigate and can be easily found by the search engines. Update your content regularly to provide fresh and current information to your website visitors. The idea is to have attractive custom pages that can easily convert them into your prospects.

4) Have a sound content strategy

Marketing automation requires a solid content strategy which is focused on creating a great piece of content, from which you can re-create different forms of content which can be used to target specific target audience. For example, you can create an ebook which can be turned into a powerful webinar, podcast or an infographic by tweaking the content and sharing them across social media channels. You can also use it to share it in the form of an email newsletter. The messaging can be changed on different pieces to attract buyers at various stages of their buying cycle.

5) Evaluate your lead management efforts

To make the most of your marketing automation process, it’s important to analyze your lead management process to get higher ROI and better business growth. This may involve identifying your potential leads and doing research on your buyer personas. Create a scoring or grading system to classify your leads into different categories. For example, what would make a lead be classified in the “A” category and so on and so forth. Build nurture campaigns depending on the type of personas that you’ve identified with specific target messages.

6) Target the interest and intent of the buyers

As a marketer, it’s essential to target all types of content that your leads might have accessed to get information about your products or services. For example, if you lead filled out a form on your website by looking at only one type of content. This information can be used to provide a more customized experience to your leads and it needs to be accessible to your sales team so that they are well aware of exactly what your leads were searching for. This indicates that you need to know of all the different possibilities which your leads could be using for finding your content.

7) Must be widely accessible across multiple platforms

You need to ensure that your emails and website can be easily accessed and viewed by your leads choosing different platforms. This means they need to be compatible to work across multiple browsers, mobile or smart phone devices for your potential customers. Smartphones have become the primary means of communication today and most B2B companies are targeting their buyers using this versatile platform.

Often, most of the automated emails when viewed on mobile devices may be blocked off by the browser or they may be small to read. This can distract your users and you might lose on a huge opportunity to get your vital message across to your potential leads. It’s very important that your content is well-optimized for mobile devices so that users can navigate your website easily and view your content.

8) Needs to reflect buyer’s experiences and behaviors

Buyers are in complete control of how and when they want to interact with your company and their decision making process is influenced by the searches they conduct outside your website. If you need to engage them to convert them into leads, its vital to stay relevant to them using lead nurturing techniques and using email campaigns. This can be useful in judging their behaviors and buying experiences across multiple channels and different platforms.

9) Support customers to encourage repeat purchases

It’s wrong to assume that your job is completed as soon as the buyers have made a purchase of your products. You need to stay in touch with your customers by interacting with them to help them get the maximum value of your products and utilize them in the best possible manner. For example, if your customers are facing any issues and do not know how a specific thing works, you can fix the issue for them. This helps in building a deeper bond with your customer and build your brand recall value for your products.

10) Boost your internal sales efforts

Your role as a marketer is not just limited to working with your leads but also assist them by providing them with additional information so that they can get internal approval for buying your products or services. You can share useful tools with them that can help in educating them about the benefits of buying your products or services that they can tell others as well.

How B2B companies are using marketing automation with better success?

How B2B companies are using marketing automation with better success
There are many other techniques that are used by B2B companies to attract potential leads for their business and most of them use marketing automation software that have “ Alert” features that allows them to gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and target their prospects. For example, they can use this useful feature to find out about recent activities of their buyers or if your lead has viewed a video on your website or asked for a free demo of your product.

Yet another unique approach is to create a series of hyper targeted content that aims to capture more information about your leads by assessing their pain points, needs and other triggers. This essentially means delivering content that your leads are primarily interested in through smart lead nurturing tactics.


Most marketers tend to overlook the importance of using marketing automation in the right manner and used a more generalized approach that may not give them success in their efforts. It’s time to change the thinking and use a more refined method that essentially focuses on the needs of your customers by delivering targeted content that can boost your lead generation process and help boost your ROI. Marketing automation cannot work alone but needs to be integrated in your overall marketing strategy to ensure better success in your campaign.

Do you have any other unique ideas about using marketing automation? Share your thoughts and comments below

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