How To Use Effective Branding Strategies To Boost Your Revenues?

How To Use Effective Branding Strategies To Boost Your Revenues

Do you want to learn about some interesting ways to boost your brand presence and promote your online products with better success?

Branding is a valuable marketing tool that can provide increased exposure and build greater awareness about your products among the customers. Besides, every business needs to have its unique recognition for boosting its online presence and creating a strong association in the minds of their potential customers. With the rise of social media networks, it’s become even more important to have a solid branding strategy in place that can help in giving your business a competitive edge over the others.

Why do you need a brand strategy in the first place?

Branding provides a strong identity to your business and it goes way beyond than having a corporate logo or a symbol. It involves providing a memorable and pleasant experience to your customers by their association with your company and its products. Thus, the way your customer perceives your products has to involve everything right from your website, content marketing or social media networking for sharing your brand messages.

On the other hand, your branding strategy involves how, what, where, who and when you plan to communicate your messages. This comprises mainly of your distribution channels which can be useful in promoting your products or services among potential customers.

With consistent and effective branding strategy, you can build a solid brand equity which helps in establishing your presence in the market. For example, Nike is a well-known brand which has created strong brand equity for itself where customers may be willing to pay higher price.

The intrinsic value that is attached to a brand is on the basis of its perceived quality or a strong emotional association that the customers attach to this company or products.

The 3 Pillars Of Success for Your Online Branding Efforts

Online branding allows you to provide a unique and memorable experience to your website visitors. Apart from the company logo, website design and content, good branding efforts involves connecting with your customers to establish ongoing relationship with them. There are three key areas that require focus in your branding efforts which are as stated below:

1) Graphical User Interface Needs to Be Friendly

Does your website look professional and attractive to target your online visitors? It’s important that your website design is consistent with the rest of the marketing collateral and provides a powerful representation of your business. The colors, fonts, and graphics need to be clear and easy to read. If you are using images, they need to be from reputable sources and all other images, graphs and charts need to have a professional look. You need to have a consistent message for your branding efforts with similar tone of communication across both online and offline mediums.

2) Smooth and easy navigation for websites

It’s important that your website provides quick and easy access to your online visitors so that they can find the information that they might be looking for. Make sure that the visitors are able to locate the pages easily by having the navigation at the same place without facing difficulties. You need to make your contact information easily available so that users do not have to search on every page to find your phone number of email address. You can also test your website for compatibility across different browsers to ensure that it works across a range of platforms.

3) Thought provoking and valuable content

Your website visitors expect to gain more value from your website rather than just receiving plain information. The content that you share with them needs to be engaging and interesting that provides them effective solutions to their problems. Product demos in the form of videos, reviews and comparisons, upcoming trends are the best types of content that can boost engagement of online visitors to convert them into potential leads. Make sure to target your brand message towards specific audience using high quality content and build channels of communication with them.

Leverage local marketing for your branding success

local marketing for your branding success

1) Use correct brand citations

Your business name provides a unique identity to your brand and hence you need to make sure that it includes your company’s right contact details, which is consistent everywhere. For example, Name, Address and Phone number needs to be stated correctly and has to be same across all channels. Add some personality to your brand by describing the people who have played a key role in your company. Mention the company history, achievements, key growth areas, future plans. Use crisp, attractive images and photos for your citations to make them more interesting to your viewers.

Create engaging videos that can showcase your brand and highlights your company’s products and services along with the people involved in the process. Make it look more professional and add your brand logo along with customer testimonials to build trust and loyalty among potential customers.

2) Build your local reputation

It’s important to provide excellence in service to your customers who have shown loyalty towards your products to build your business reputation. But at the same time, you need to focus on establishing strong relationships with your customers so that they can share their views and recommendations on using your products. Positive feedbacks can go a long way in cultivating meaningful association with your customers and is the secret behind any branding effort.

You can also go a step ahead and respond to any negative remarks or comments from customers to help instill confidence in them and provide them assurance of preventing that in the future. This shows that you really care about them and are responsive enough to provide solutions to their issues.

3) Create local communities

Most companies overlook the importance of using local forums, blogs or being active on online communities. But they can do wonders to your branding efforts as you can monitor other brands and what people are discussing and talking about your products or services. You can answer questions or share comments that can be valuable in building a strong rapport with your customers. They can be powerful ways to generate leads for your business and is one of the secrets behind building big and successful brands.

Essential steps required in brand building for your business

brand building for your business

1) Identify your brand

Prepare a checklist of all the core strengths of your business brand and know truly what your brand truly stands for. There are different types of brand such as service brands that is built using culture, knowledge and experiences of your customers. Retail products are a mix of product and service experience, whereas product brands are only related to the products offered by the company. It’s important to define your company’s brand values and show how they can contribute to the social, economic and environment benefit of the customers.

2) Differentiate Your brand

You need to position your brand by providing it a distinct recognition to make sure that it stands out from your competitors. By offering a unique advantage to your customers, you can differentiate your products so that it attracts the attention of your customers. Branding is not just about having colorful and attractive logos or other physical elements. It’s more about offering a unique value proposition to your customers to build their awareness for your brand.

Come up with a solid brand strategy that can help in positioning your brand that can help customers find greater value in your products compared to your competitors.

3) Provide brand exposure

It takes consistent time and efforts to build an effective business brand for which you need to provide maximum exposure for your products. You may have to instill new values and assume new roles for your personal branding campaign. It may be a good idea to use social media and promotional networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn to provide a new voice or build personality for your online brand.

Brand personality is one of the vital aspects of brand building exercise as it helps you understand how people perceive your company and its products. This is one of the critical factors that motivate people to engage with your brand. By using the best branding strategies regularly, you can ensure that people associate with your brand name forever.

4) Provide identity to your brand

It’s necessary to personalize your brand for the success of your online branding campaign. This also helps in providing an overall pleasant experience to your customers and makes easy for them to associate with your products. Invite customers to be part of your brand building exercise so that they feel involved in the process so that they can relate more closely with your products. Most of the big brands provide opportunities for customer brand interaction by personalizing their products to meet the specific needs of their customers.

5) Review and monitor your brand

Your brand may go through several changes over a period of time and based on your branding strategies, they may either grow or remain inactive and lose popularity. With the changing market conditions, new events and challenges, you need to identify new ways and opportunities to re-establish your brand’s presence. To ensure consistent growth of your brand, you need to evaluate your activities and strategies to get long term benefits. Some of the metrics that you need to measure include brand awareness and levels of engagement with your audience.

Top Branding Strategies That Can Give You Maximum Profits

Top Branding Strategies That Can Give You Maximum Profits

1) Research on your target audience

It’s important to do a good research on your target audience before you begin with the process of content creation so that you know what type of content is likely to interest them and how you can effectively weave your marketing message through different social mediums. You need to know their gender, age, marital status, income, profession etc so that you know whom to target exactly for sharing your branding message.

2) Use a consistent tone for your brand

It becomes easy to plan your branding strategy when you know what your target audience is exactly looking for. Consider inputs from your audience and their ideas while creating content by engaging them into a meaningful conversation by providing them with opportunities for interaction. Make sure to have a consistent tone in your branding message so that people can easily relate and associate with your brand.

3) Target your audience using multiple channels

It’s a good idea to use a combination of different mediums to get your branding message across to your online viewers. You can use ad targeting methods such as behavioral targeting, site specific targeting and re-messaging to reach your customers. You need to make your brand name and message consistent with your title tags and description for better organic search rankings. It’s important that your customers are able to recall your brand and recognize it throughout the buying cycle.

4) Use appropriate social media channels

Depending on the type of conversation that you want to have with your customers and the branding message that you want to communicate, you need to target the right social media channels. Be part of social conversations on different networks and listen to what your customers are talking about your brand. Track brand mentions and follow top influencers in the industry to know how they are using different branding strategies for better success.

5) Build your online reputation

It’s a good idea to associate with brands that are related to your industry which helps you to create awareness of your products and promote them effectively across social circles. Grow your organic search presence using targeted keywords that are relevant to your brand and share post of other influential brands to get links back to your website.


Brands that have become big and successful have been using long term plans and strategies that are aligned with the goals of their organization. You need to be flexible in your approach and keep experimenting with different branding tactics to be successful in your company’s branding efforts.

Have you used any branding strategies that has given you great results? Share your comments below.

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